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Number One Island Singing Competition!
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March for Parks
The 2008 March for Parks!
We answer present when it comes to the environment, See video.
Mayor Advisor
Dr. Allerdyce on the Diana & Ed Show!
Find out what TLHS is up to including the may 18th even
Mayor Advisor
Ed talks with the Mayor's
advisor about a few projects to help the elderly and kids in Port-au-Prince.
More of RHAI Concert,
Check out some performances and interviews with Beethova Obas and DBR.
Diana & Ed talk about love.
The difference between men & women. Do men really listen? Find out what all women need to know about their men
Gilou Restaurant is now open!
Looking for some good island food? well look no further.
The video that every haitian need to see.
Guy talks about diabetes prevention and more!.
See Emeline Michel
at Radio Haiti Amerique Internation Concert and find out what she had to say concerning her career
Happy Mother's Day, would like to wish you a happy mother's day.
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